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The University of Virginia is the one of the biggest University of united state, Here we are sharing very informative post on UVA Email Login, Using this you can Access UVA Health System Email very easily also other support number to contact official guys.

We want to inform you that the deliverable address, which referred to the UVA Email account, is like an ordinary working email account that you can use with an external or internal domain, non-UVA email account, or external account.

You can easily customize the delivery options of UVA email messages through the Management System for Email Address provided by the UVA source.

It can also be used as an Email alias, which can be remembered email address easily (e.g., [email protected]) by others to send any email messages, too, the messages will be forwarded to your primary address as well with your computing ID (For e.g computing [email protected] as [email protected]).

UVA Email

UVA Email

UVA Email account will be provided or administered by ITS. To create a UVA account, you should be a current member or faculty or staff of the eligible department or UVA (University of Virginia) Student community.

Students or Alumni students can use the UVA Gmail account in two ways: UVA Gmail Home and UVA Gmail Alumni Info.

Students who are in particular special conditions, Sponsored accounts, Staff, and Faculty, can use the Office 365 Calendaring & Gmail features. Office 365 accounts for ITS-provided are not eligible for Health System, McIntire, and Faculty Staff in-law.

UVA Gmail Login

The Google service provider offers the UVA Gmail account and email services to current students and Alumni. Google is named as Contracted Vendor for UVA and offers unlimited storage space for their student’s benefit.

You need to wait for at least 72 hours before accessing your UVA Gmail account. Your offer or request has to be accepted by the admission along with deposit payment (only if required and not mandatory).

Uva primary email address will be created with the UVA computing ID (i.e., computing [email protected], for ex. [email protected]). UVA Gmail account system will automatically generate another email alias followed by @email.virginia.edu (e.g., dvi2d @email.virginia.edu).

Both primary UVA email addresses can be used interchangeably. A student can also have been provided with another two more email aliases, for example, [email protected] & [email protected] The University can allow the students to create a maximum of 4 email addresses.

UVA Gmail Alumni Info

Before completing the graduation, if you left out the University, then your UVA Email accounts will automatically be terminated without any notice. Please find below the provided information about the complete Alumni information for both email addresses and alias information it may be either primary or additional:

Graduation Class Year 2006 & Later – If the Alumni student would like to create an email address like “@alumni.virginia.edu,” then he or she has to apply online for an account through HoosOnline. After graduation, they can maintain up to a maximum of two email aliases ([email protected]).

Your folders and messages will be preserved. After completing your graduation (no longer a student), then your UVA account will display only the advertisements and not the messages. UVA Computing ID Gmail account ([email protected]) can be maintained after graduation.

Graduation Class Year 2005 & Earlier – The Alumni association will provide the email address for the Alumni (@alumni.virginia.edu) to take benefits over the HoosOnline. In case if you have forgotten the account password for your Alumni email address “alumni.virginia.edu” then make use of the “Reset My Password” link.

If any circumstances, UVA System has the authority to deactivate your account. In case if you prefer on your own to terminate the UVA Email access account, please draft an email explaining about the account de-activation request and forward the same to [email protected] email address to process your request.

UVA Email Login through Web using Gmail account

Please follow the below instructions to access your uva health system email login account through Web:

  • Please ensure that your UVA Gmail account ends with the following email domains (@virginia.edu)
  • Open up a web browser and access the UVA Gmail account website (Click Here) through NetBadge.

uva health system email Login

  • Or you can access the Google website through gmail.com or google.com.
  • Please enter your completed UVA account email address, which contains the email domain of @virginia.edu (e.g., [email protected] and do not just use the Username dvi2d).
  • The password field should be left blank and do not type in any characters or numbers.
  • As usual, you can access your account through NetBadge, before it automatically redirects the web page back to Google site.


If you would like to check or access your UVA Alumni account ends with the email alias “@alumni.virginia.edu, then you are supposed to access the HoosOnline web page.

Login to UVA Gmail account through a computer

There are few steps where you can access UVA Gmail or UVA email from your desktop or Laptop pc. Here is a complete guide about how to log in using desktop and mobile, Let’s follow the tutorial :-

Step 1: –

  • Your UVA Gmail account should be enabled with IMAP
  • You can access your UVA Email account through the NetBadge website.


  • Click on the gear icon and choose the option Settings.
  • Then select the option Forwarding & IMAP or POP tab.
  • Please enable the option IMAP. Press the Save button to update your changes.

Step 2: –

  • Direct password setup with Google for access via IMAP –
  • You can access your UVA Email account through the NetBadge website.
  • Click on your UVA Gmail account and select your account.
  • Under the “Signing In” section, please select the option “Password,”
  • which helps you to reset with your preferred password for your existing UVA Email account.

Step 3: –

  • Under the Email configuration screen on your computer or device,
  • you can insert the appropriate IMAP Settings for your UVA Gmail account.

UVA contacts

I hope the above-shared post will help you to access webmail, but if any issue which not solved by following this webpage, then you can try official email and phone call supports. Official guys will help you to solve any problem quickly.

So, If you want to know something more for further detail you can direct contact to official guys:-

Contact Detail
Phone (434) 924-7923
CURRY SCHOOL (434) 924-0742
MAJOR EVENTS OFFICE (434) 982-3099
ADMISSION, OFFICE (434) 982-3200
DARDEN GRADUATE (434) 924-3900
MCINTIRE SCHOOL (434) 924-7988

UVA Health System Email

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UVA Health System Email


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